Comparative analysis of performance of educational content during pre-lockdown and lockdown periods in India


This paper presents a comparative analysis of educational pages’ ‘post interactions’ in two time periods. It evaluates the user behaviour pattern – specifically, the impact of lockdown on interactions by collecting online social data through real time data extraction tools and statistical tests like correlation, equation modelling and regression analysis. The study investigates frequency of user interactions and growth of specific content type along with impact of lockdown on educational posts. The study also provides insights on the impact of page activeness on content performance and user intention of interaction through volume growth and content performance analysis, and suggests user intention and structure of optimized content mix for better performance.

Keywords: Social Media Communication, Communication Development, Engagement Rate, Share of Voice, Facebook Marketing


Web 2.0 is the IT infrastructure where multiple media platforms facilitate exchange of user generated content (Kaplan and Haenlein, 2010). The era of web 2.0 has been a constant disruption to existing technologies and web phenomenon.

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