American Stress Scenario Debilitates the Minds: Was it Avoidable with PPP Moves?

The paper deals with changes in the modern US economy in the New Millennium. Some of these are impacting the personal lives of people – infants, children, the youth, the middle-aged executives, as well as the aged and retired. The challenges result in stress, which is clearly apparent, especially when compared with the not-so-fast paced, sustainable economy of India, where there are lesser chances of people being impacted by stress. The paper discusses how uncertainties of life in different realms could confuse average Americans, compared with near absence of uncertainties in life in India, though economic mobility and urbanization may still be lower. The paper dwells on how the US economy, with very high GDP per capita income, has lent itself to multiple stresses at the family and individual levels, with negligible regulations on all fronts, formal and informal.
Keywords: Flexible labour market, living beyond means, broken marriages, single mothers, two income families

Stress has become an integral part of civilization. Events in people’s lives that are beyond their control lead to stress. An individual in a farm economy stayed cohesively.Read Full Article