Enhancing Competitiveness of Unregistered Manufacturing Units


A firm’s competitiveness is now a compulsion, not an option, in the present competitive world. Firms’ competitiveness is desirable, not only for optimal utilisation of resources, but also to maintain the livelihood of millions in a sustainable way. The present study is based on the primary firm level survey in different clusters. The objective is to analyse the determinants of competitiveness of India’s unregistered small units. This study offers recommendations and suggestions to enhance and strengthen the national and global level competitiveness of unregistered small manufacturing units. It identifies the constraints and pressures in the business environment within which these units operate.

Keywords: Competitiveness, Unregistered Unit, Factor Analysis


India’s achievements on the growth front during the economic reform period have been well documented. The recent years have seen the country grow at more than 6 per cent per annum and the real national Read Full Article