A Regulatory Policy Design Map: A case of Electricity Pricing Policy

The Electricity sector is on the cusp of big business and government. Pricing policies are strategic as they determine the business model of a company. This paper proposes a regulatory policy design map that explores the decision-making criteria and contexts used in selecting appropriate pricing mechanisms. This map is based on a literature survey of electric utility regulation in the USA. An Empirical model of this regulatory policy design map is also proposed and validated through a survey of experts in 7 Indian cities. This regulatory policy design map is not only cross national but also applicable to other regulated network industries and is a contribution to the literature on strategy, public policy and business environment.
Keywords: Business And Public Policy; Business, Government And Society; Business Environment; Strategy

Section 1-Introduction
The Electricity sector is on the strategic cusp of Business, Government and Society. It is an integral part of the infrastructure of any economy. It is a sector which is increasingly being privatized all over the world. Read Full Article