An Empirical Study on Actual Experience of Selected Social Media Users in Vadodara City of Gujarat State


In India, there are over 450 million active Internet users. The demographic dividend of the Indian Economy will pave the way forward with a staggering two billion connected devices by the end of 2021. Social media predominantly occupies a key position and is affecting how we consume; communicate with our personal and professional contacts. The worldwide penetration of social media users is 45 per cent whereas penetration of social media users in India is 23 per cent (Global Digital Report, 2019).

The authors undertook a research study in Vadodara City of Gujarat State to examine and evaluate the actual experiences of selected users of social media using the conceptual model developed based on selected dimensions viz., technology aspects, socialization as well as issues and challenges faced by them. The research study provides an insight in understanding the intention of people to continue to use social media and spread positive word-of-mouth messages for enhancing use of social media. It also brings out key socio-economic influences having strategic business implications for marketers.

Keywords: Social Media, Experience of Social Media Users, Information Technology, Internet Users


Social media is interwoven with our lives and occupies a major role in our lives. It facilitates users from diverse backgrounds to develop relationships, Read Full Article